On White Flint Farm our goal is to produce the healthiest, best-tasting food possible. Our vegetables are raised naturally, without ever using pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizer or harmful chemicals of any kind. Our eggs come from our true free ranging hens, raised naturally and humanely. Our pigs are raised naturally, on pasture, and without chemicals, antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our hens and pigs forage naturally.  We supplement their natural diets with GMO-free, soy-free feed.  We also have a herd of some of the happiest goats on the planet. We are dedicated to sustainable agricultural practices and to preservation of the farm for future generations.

Our goal is to help our patrons enjoy delicious nutrient-dense, locally-grown, chemical-free food.  We want to help folks appreciate and enjoy seasonal eating and the experience of enjoying the naturally-raised products of a traditional family farm, as our ancestors before us have done for centuries.  Over the course of the year we aim to produce over 100 different varieties of local all-natural foods.  Click on the tabs above for more information about us, our farm and how to obtain food from our farm.

We deliver weekly into Danville, Chatham and Altavista.  Our farm store is open during the season.  You can also find us at the Danville farmers’ market.

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Check out our hometown newspaper’s recent story about the farm:  http://www.godanriver.com/news/pittsylvania_county/from-their-farm-to-your-plate/article_5fb5329c-8566-11e3-bfe8-001a4bcf6878.html?mode=story

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