Meet The Farmers


Bill and Cherie Guerrant are passionate advocates of sustainable living and the local food movement.

Bill and Cherie met and were married in Tampa, Florida, where Bill practiced law for over 25 years.  After a food-related illness, Cherie developed an intense interest in health and the food system and began researching industrial food practices.  What she learned led her to adopt an organic, sustainable lifestyle.  Bill soon joined her on the journey, having been particularly influenced by the writings of Wendell Berry.

In 2003 they moved to Bill’s boyhood home in Keeling, Virginia and began the slow, difficult process of reclaiming and reviving the family farm, which was suffering from decades of intensive conventional agricultural practices.  After commuting for several years, Bill retired from practicing law in 2011 to join Cherie in operating White Flint Farm on a full-time basis.  They are dedicated to being good stewards of their farm and to helping improve the health and wellness of their community.  They want to make the world a better place, one meal at a time.

Cherie, Barbie, Blondie, Ramona and Sharona

Bill and Hen