Our Eggs


Our hens free range around the farm and reward us with delicious, healthy eggs.

Because they are truly free-ranging, our hens forage widely and are able to enjoy a natural diet that includes grass, seeds, and bugs. We supplement their natural diets with GMO-free feed.

Don’t be fooled by misleading claims on the cartons of grocery-store eggs. Federal law allows industrial egg producers to claim their eggs are from “free range” or “cage free” hens as long as the hens theoretically have “access” to a “porch facility,” even if they never see sunshine or a blade of grass in their lives.

Here are some of the “cage free” “free range” hens.

And here they are enjoying the great outdoors.

It’s easy to identify eggs from farm-raised hens. Just crack one open on a plate next to plate with a grocery-store egg. The farm-raised egg will have a firm orange yolk, while the industrial egg will have a runny pale yellow yolk. Here’s a photo we took demonstrating this. Compare the appearance of one of our eggs (on the right) to a supermarket egg.

Egg comparison

Our farm-raised eggs are also far more nutritious than factory eggs. A study has shown that eggs from truly free-ranging hens have:

  • 1/3 less cholesterol
  • 1/4 less saturated fat
  • 2/3 more vitamin A
  • 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
  • 3 times more Vitamin E
  • 7 times more beta carotene and
  • 4-6 times more vitamin D

Of course the ultimate difference is taste. Once you’ve eaten a farm-fresh egg you’ll never want to eat industrial eggs again!